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Posted on June 9, 2012 at 6:25 PM

We can use reiki in every area of life, personal and global. I have come across many articles about the bee population dwindling. Each time I read about this I send reiki to the situation and visualise thriving hives and happy bees.

We can also take inspired action in our gardens, both private and public. I watched an uplifting TV programme recently where local authorities were encouraged to experiment with planting bee friendly flowers in a section of the beds in the local parks. It was lovely to see and hear all the bees that were drawn to those plots.

''..let gardens grow, where beelines end, sighing in roses, saffron blooms, buddleia; where bees pray on their knees.''

(C.A.Duffy 'Virgil's Bees).

As humans we can love, care for and nurture bees.

We can ask ourselves 'What contibution can I be to the well being of bees?'

Did you know there are 250 different species of bee in Britain?

That makes me wonder how many there are planetwide.

I went to a Honey Fair locally where I met an artist who paints bees. I must look her up and see if she has painted a representation of each one.

I was programmed to fear Bees as a child, to avoid them wherever possible because of their sting. But I was intrigued by them, I loved their cute shape and their sound in those lazy summer days.


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