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Ka pu te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi

Posted on July 16, 2012 at 7:20 AM

The oft-quoted whakatauki states-Ka pu te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi - as the old net piles up on the shore , the new net goes fishing. The tauira (pattern or model) of the old provides the basis of formation for the new.

The new time dictates changes in both the structure ans form of the new net and also in the choice of fishing ground. By casting it to sea , the old net may tell us even more than we dare hope for. The care taken is re-assuring . It is the fishing exercise that now commands out attention, and this must be executed in the same spirit in which the old net was prepared and made.

Piri Sciascia- Maori Writer

Categories: Native Wisdom