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Powers of the West

Posted on November 4, 2015 at 2:45 AM

Let us walk around the Medicine Wheel, honouring the wisdom of the West and Autumn.

Sun Bear said:

the West brings healing to the spiritual life and to all we consider sacred.

the season of Autumn is about completion.

this is the time of evening, twilight and the human phase of mature adulthood.

  theanimal guide is bear who knows to enter the cave of stillness and solitude.

Sun Bear writes in Dancing with the Wheel,

“The major lesson of the West is responsibility for self, for the Earth, and for all our relations on earth.

It is time to look within yourself and gain the strength that comes from true self-knowledge, and to use all the abilities given to you for the good of the people.

“Come to the west,” he writes, “when you need help fulfilling your purpose in life.

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