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symptoms that indicate soul loss:

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 5:40 AM

Here are symptoms that indicate soul loss:

A sensation of fragmentation and feeling incomplete like a part is missing

The flat, indifferent attitude towards development in life.

A  feeling of low self esteem and considering oneself as unimportant or not worthy.

Depression or panic attacks

Inability to decide and a feeling of being aimless & lost.

Fearful attitude before doing anything.

Lost in the loop of a bad relationship, situations or places.

A sense of non-recovery from a past traumatic event.

Anger management issues and the helpless feeling on the inability to shake off anger, stress, fear or grief.

A constant desire to go back in the past and make things good.

Most importantly, if you feel soul retrieval is the answer to your worries.

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