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Distant Soul Retrieval- what happens?

Posted on January 11, 2018 at 12:10 AM

What happens in a distant Soul Retrieval session?

The first obstacle in soul retrieval is to actually find the lost soul piece/s.

Since, we’ve drifted away from the connections we once had with our soul, the shamanic healer has to drift into the past.

“Today, as we have not been practicing soul retrieval, modern day practitioners are going back ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years or even more looking for lost soul parts.”, says Ingerman.

Earlier individuals knew the real reason for illness and recovered by spiritually practicing soul retrieval on their own.

With the help of drumming, rattling, crystals, the shamanic practitioner connects herself with the patient.


The shaman relies on the assistance of her spirit guides and power animal allies to aid her in this process.

Journeying into inner and outer realms, the healer persuades the missing pieces of the soul to return back and removes the obstacles as well.

Upon completion of the journey, the healer returns the missing soul parts by blowing them into the heart chakra, and into the the crown of the head.

(I experience the person next to me, even if they are hundreds of miles away geographically)

The reaction to the process can be felt immediately or after some time when analysed in retrospect. The ability to receive and store on the part of the patient, is a great factor that determines the impact of the process.

Sometimes more than one session can be necessary, if the lost piece requires more attention, persuasion or more than one piece is lost.

Some related therapies of shamanism like power retrieval, shamanic extraction or body re-patterning might be performed simultaneously to achieve enhanced results. 


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